The Arrivals Group is part of Pregen, Inc. – a not-for-profit advocacy group – dedicated to immigration support, education and vocational training for arriving families. Our experienced attorneys – Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Jacobson – focus on all areas of US immigration and nationality law and and dedicated to our cause of helping unite families and provide immigration support.

We work with you in the strictest confidence (YOUR INFORMATION REMAINS CONFIDENTIAL) every step of the way and provide you with assistance as you seek to achieve your immigration goals of uniting with your family in the US and making a great home for yourself.

What We Do


The US Immigration laws are complex and always changing. immigration requires a great deal of focused experience and research to navigate safely through. Anyone with enough time and motivation can do it but we save you time and money and help you to make a decision that is right for your situation. We listen to your story in strict confidence and work with you for the best solution for your specific case. Whether you are an individual, a family or a business and whether you are now in the US or outside, our experienced attorneys and representatives will explore with you the available options and select the best solution for your unique case.

Protecting Your Rights

Like many things in life, nothing is guaranteed and especially in immigration laws. Change is the only constant and more so in immigration law. Our job is to stay informed and up to date on these changes and make sure your rights are protected at all times. our network of Immigration Service Professionals will work and be with you every step of the process.


How We Do It

Uniting Families & Keeping Them Together

Our experienced Immigration Service Professionals will assist you in your petitions to unite with other family members outside the US and for those already here. Our objective is to help you regularize their status and be free of fear.


Talent Recruitment

It is always a challenge to get the right workforce. We don’t create them either but we will work with you to ensure you operate within the law and bring in the right labour force for your organization.


Steps to Success

Our success is based on working with you in strict confidence, listening to you, conducting relevant research and developing the ideal solution for your case. We cannot do it without understanding your unique story, your goals, background and expectations. Then, we work with you all the way for the right solution.